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SHOT Show 2017: News, Rumors, New Guns and More

Complete coverage of the new guns, rumors and more from the 2017 SHOT Show in...Regardless of what is shown, the staff will be...selling the new Glock 19-sized 80% frames in early 2017, and the company...

Breaking: Photo Of The New FBI Glock 17M Leaked - The Firearm...

Aug 16, 2016...It appears that someone finally got their new Glock 17M duty gun in from Glock!...give the rumor that we will see a Gen 5 around SHOT 2017 more weight....I don't like the Glock because of the trigger safety so what did I do?

Glock goodies at SHOT Show 2017 (PHOTOS)

Jan 17, 2017...It wouldn't be SHOT Show without some Glock love....Glock's model 27 chambered in.40 caliber at SHOT Show 2017....Well what's new ?

GLOCK - Home | Facebook

The OFFICIAL Facebook Page for GLOCK....Tell people what you think...March 28, 2017...My G19 is over 20 years old and looks and shoots like new.

Glock Shows Off Its Goodies at SHOT Show 2017

Feb 3, 2017...Glock came to SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas ready to show off some of its SHOT Show without checking out what Glock has in store for 2017....RELATED STORY: Built For Backup – A Look at the New GLOCK 43.

This Is The FBI's "5th Generation" Glock. Is It Going to Be the Army's... /

Aug 17, 2016...What we didn't know at the time is how Glock managed to do it; the RFP was of the first agencies to get the new pistols, reportedly from an officer training with the new guns....April 17, 2017 - No Comments.

American Rifleman | A First Look at 2017's New Guns

Nov 8, 2016...But other companies pulled back the curtains to show off what they have...In 2017 the lineup will be extended to include new Limited Custom...

Just in time for SHOT! Glock trademarks Gen 5 Glocks

Sep 26, 2016...The new FBI Glock has been something of a mystery since the...been combing through the requirements to determine what features may be included....approach to trademarks or are they planning a reveal at SHOT 2017?

CMP Announces New GLOCK Pistol Match for 2017 National Match... national-match-schedule/

Apr 15, 2017...CMP Announces New GLOCK Pistol Match for 2017 National Match Schedule...the Civilian Marksmanship Program's (CMP) 2017 National Matches schedule – set to fire on the...What area of camp Perry will these be held?

Glock Gives Us a Preview of 2017 at SHOT Show | OutdoorHub 2017-shot-show/

Jan 20, 2017...Glock Gives Us a Preview of What's in the Works for 2017 at SHOT...What was that about - clickbait - wasted time...Nothing that was new ?

These Young Adult Novels Come With Back Stories: The Authors' Own

Jan 21, 2017...21, 2017. Continue reading the main story Share This Page...Credit Dustin Chambers for The New York Times. ATLANTA — Allison Glock and T Cooper live behind a white picket fence, an enclosure so tidy and...“These stories give readers permission to think about what it would be like to wake up as...

GLOCK | Perfection

Offers specifications for the handguns and accessories made by this firm. Also provides news and general company information.

Army picks Sig Sauer's P320 handgun to replace M9 service pistol... replace-m9-service-pistol.html

Jan 20, 2017...Published January 20, 2017...Sig Sauer beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, the maker of the current M9...In their statements, Army and Sig officials didn't specify what caliber the new Sig Sauer pistol will be.

Best Handguns New Pistols SHOT Show 2017 | Field & Stream

It's Day Three of the 2017 SHOT Show, and after of hours scouring the show floor and...the two most popular fighting pistols of all time, the 1911 and the Glock.

Beginner's Handgun Buying Guide | GLOCK USA

GLOCK offers over 50 pistols in a range of sizes and styles. To find your next handgun,...What is the primary reason you're buying? Personal use For my job.

What Will California's New Laws Mean for 2017? | FOX40

Dec 26, 2016...One much debated bill will not have as big an effect as some people thought, at least in 2017. The minimum wage goes up just 50 cents an...

Glock Parts for Sale | Best Glock Accessories |

Find the best Glock accessories available when you shop online at GlockStore. com. From parts and holsters to magazines and custom items, our business has...

Glock has New Handguns in Store for Summer 2017 | OutdoorHub summer-2017/

Apr 7, 2017...At first glance, it appears Glock made only minor tweaks to its new handguns, which falls right in line with what we heard when we talked with...

New from GLOCK in 2017 -

Feb 1, 2017...SHOT Show 2017: Although GLOCK came to SHOT Show 2017 without any genuinely new products, the company was still well worth a visit.

XM17 Modular Handgun System competition - Wikipedia

The XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition was a United States Army and United...Shortly after, on February 24, 2017, Glock filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office. The SIG Sauer P320...The requirement for the new pistol originated with the MHS program initiated by the Air Force in 2008.

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