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Kovokubát s.r.o :: Cutting and grinding discs, flap discs

Cutting discs OPTIMA are supplied in 3 quality levels OPTIMApower, OPTIMAprofi, OPTIMAflex. OPTIMApower - top quality, comparable with the best cutting discs on the European market. Cutting discs type OPTIMApower A60SX are efficient and powerful tool for professional use. They are designed for cutting stainless...


Cibo presents a complete range of cutting discs and grinding discs of the highest quality! This exclusive set of cutting discs and grinding discs with a unique composition guarantees an excellent performance at all times for an extraordinary price and quality. | Cutting and Grinding Discs

All 16 /Auxiliary Equipment Bonded 6 /Pressing 4 /Test and quality control 6. MDM-EL-3C-R15-70. MDM EL-3C-R15 70 tons · MDM-SRCP. Mesh and Wax Paper Separator. MDM 550-3C-R12 700T with weighing system · MDM-550-3C- R10-700T · MDM 550-3C-R10 700T. Pressing - Rotary Presses. auxiliary-unit-01 ...

Cutting and grinding discs

Cibo is launching a complete line of cutting and grinding discs of the highest quality! Thanks to its many years' experience and the extended knowledge Cibo now posses- ses in relation to technical abrasive granules, special resins and bonds for working many types of steel, stainless steel in particular, Cibo has again...

Silverline 633831 Cutting and Grinding Discs Kit, 12-Piece: Amazon ...

Shop Silverline 633831 Cutting and Grinding Discs Kit, 12-Piece. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

MAXIMUM 5-in Cutting and Grinding Disc Set, 25-pcs | Canadian Tire 0541898p.html

MAXIMUM 5-in Cutting and Grinding Disc Set is a multi-purpose set that features a 4-1/2" (11.4 cm) angle grinder accessory set with cutting discs and grinder Pl.

GRANIT Grinding Wheel Ltd. :: Cutting and Grinding Discs

We focus on the professional market segment by offering different abrasive discs for a wide range of applications for the industry in diameter 75-500mm. In the premium category we offer thin cutting discs and a cutting and thin grinding discs in one developed both for steel and inox.

Cold grinding & cutting – Dafco

Cold Cutting. Unique to the Safety Tools Cutting Solution is the water control box. The water cools and lubricates the Cutting & Weld Removal Solutions to a T4 rating. The purpose of the box is to regulate the flow of air and water. Safety Tools cutting and weld seem disc have the same properties as the Grinding files and...

Cibo Abrasives Cutting and Grinding Discs from Abrasive Finishing ...

Cutting and grinding discs for virtually all metals which easily fit on to any standard angle grinder. Abrasive cutting and grinding discs from Abrasive Finishing Systems allow a premium finish on your metal. Ultra Line discs do not contain iron which makes them the best for stainless steel work.

Abrasive cutting and grinding discs | Wentin Fasteners

115 x 1MM x 22.23 Steel/stainless steel Evolution Cutting disc. Designed by experts and made of top-quality raw materials, these all-round cutting discs combine .. £0.93. Details > Buy Now >. 115 x 3MM x 22.23 Metal Cutting Disc Abrasive cutting and grinding discs...

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